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Award schemes are a competitive business. For the past three years B2B Marketing have appointed LogicLogicMagic as Creative Partner to produce the integrated campaign for their annual awards. The Giants of B2B shows how a strong idea can be evolved over three years, driving an increase in entries each year, and raising the industry perception of the awards to that of the 'Oscars of B2B Marketing'.

The 2022 campaign 'Made of different stuff' saw the Giants of B2B return, again personified in the nine different pillars: Insight, Strategy, Creativity, Targeting, Technology, Performance, Data, Originality & Bravery. Each giant is made from components related to B2B industries. Keeping the same idea (Giants of B2B), but evolving it for three years reflects our approach to long-term brand building, while simultaneously driving short-term demand. Too many B2B campaigns are in market for too short a time to drive long-term awareness or change perception.

Following the success of the 2020 campaign, we were invited to advertise the 2021 awards. Staying true to our belief in brand building, we maintained the 'Giants of B2B' theme for a second year, but pivoted the creative approach to focus on the notion that the 2020 winners left behind 'Big shoes to fill'. Again we maintained the B2B brand colours and explored multiple aspects of B2B marketing through our creative.


Back in 2020 we launched the original Giants of B2B campaign. It was created to elevate the perception of the B2B Marketing awards and reflect a growing feeling that a more 'human' approach to marketing to businesses was the future. We personified nine different pillars within B2B Marketing as physical giants living in a cloud world, drawing inspiration from Hollywood film marketing in our visual approach.
The colour themes throughout the visuals maintained the core brand palette, while the imagination within the visuals presented a fresh and invigorating view of what the best of B2B Marketing could look like. 

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