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Fewer clients, deeper partnerships

LogicLogicMagic® was co-founded by Commercial Partner, Jamie Blagden, Managing Partner, Sinead Woodley and Creative Partner,
Alistair Ross. A triumvirate of operational excellence, commercial acumen and creative effectiveness. Big agency leadership but in a boutique agency environment, where we focus on deeper partnerships with only a handful of technology clients at any one time.


Ultimately people buy people. It's a testament to how closely we partner with clients, that through their careers they move between technology brands, but still choose to work with us. But don't just take our word for it.


"I've partnered with Sinead for over 20 years at VMWare, Symantec, Okta & Soldo. Whatever the situation or timeframe, Sinead & her team provide the glue between Demand Centre, Field Marketing & Partner Marketing teams, delivering intelligent campaigns with strong ROI. Their collaboration and creativity deliver marketing effectiveness time after time."   Isabelle Duarte, CMO, B2B Marketer of the Year 2021

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"From formulating strategic briefs, to executing complex multi-channel campaigns, LogicLogicMagic continually deliver marketing communications with imagination and impact. They are the rare combination of veterans of technology marketing, but with the fresh energy and enthusiasm of a young award-winning agency."   Julie Burton-Brown, Head of Revenue Marketing, Soldo


"Sinead, Alistair & the LogicLogicMagic team have integrated quickly into the Sysdig marketing ecosystem. Collaborating continually as campaigns evolve and always coming back with creative solutions that balance the marketing objectives with internal stakeholder feedback ." 

Shanta Kohli, Vice President Marketing, Demand Gen, Sysdig

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"Location is never an issue when your agency is on the same wavelength. LogicLogicMagic have collaborated to deliver distinctive digital demand generations campaigns for the APAC region. Always trying to push the creative boundaries within the brand guidelines, and responding quickly and positively to feedback."  Sarah Robertson, Head of APAC Campaign Marketing, Okta


"Sinead and Alistair have partnered with me through my time at Qlik, CleverTap and ProductsUp. Always looking to provide distinctive creative campaigns that stand out in crowded markets. Always collaborating well with other agencies and internal creative stakeholders. Always able to take feedback on board and deliver great value in return."   Lisette Huyskamp, CMO ProductsUp

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"Since winning our pitch, LogicLogicMagic have produced distinctive demand generation campaigns and event theming. The team are always positive, quick to respond to feedback, and patiently collaborative in the process of working with internal stakeholders." 

Sarah Jarvis, European Marketing Director, Vertex Inc


"LogicLogicMagic are excellent marketing partners, bringing creativity and professionalism to every project. From C-level round-table events with celebrity speakers, to internal PipeGen day theming, to collaborating on content and presentations for annual conferences. Whatever challenges we give them, they always create a valuable solution."  Janet Kench, Field Marketing Manager, UKI, Okta


"As part of Lenovo's 'Legends of thinkPad' campaign, Jamie's team co-ordinated a logistically complex campaign of SPIFF days. Creating memorable themes, liaising with channel partners, and personally ensuring that everything went to plan. The commercial success was impressive, and rewarded with consecutive B2B Marketing awards."   Monique de Klerk, EMEA Channel Marketing Manager, NVIDIA

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"User testimonials were a core part of ThinkPad marketing. Having seen Alistair speak at an agency event, we challenged him on his claim to make marketing more memorable. His response? Testimonials from Santa Claus, Cupid, Lady Luck & The Devil, creating a multi-award-winning integrated campaign, that drove significant uplift in UK Think Pad sales."   Philip Oldham, Marketing Director UKI, Lenovo

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