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Characters are one of the most effective distinctive assets a brand can use.
Knowing who is who sits at the heart of Identity. So who better to deliver this literal message in a lateral way, than The Invisible Man? Delivered via a video mailer across EMEA and then re-worked for content syndication, The Invisible Man is a great example of how the right character can elevate the meaning of the message you are trying to deliver to your audience.

Characters can work as brand advocates, or in this case, as a brand adversary. The Nightmare Customer was created as a brand adversary for Okta's Customer Identity offering. Through an interactive video at virtual events, she then guided Okta prospects to the most relevant content for them, ensuring the experience was both memorable and meaningful for all buyer personas regardless of where they were on the buyer journey or their specific job role. Below are three of the many sections created, all helping to land the idea that Okta can help you please even the Nightmare Customer.

Characters can also personify the audience. IT Ninjas + Okta was an EMEA-wide series of pain point/solution animations created to demonstrate the value of Okta's CIAM platform. Visualising IT challenges as Ninja Warrior style challenges allowed us to flatter the IT audience we were talking to while showing how Okta could automate many of the manual tasks they were challenged with. Serious messages, delivered in a fun, memorable way.

'The world's most valuable commodity' was a top of funnel content film created for Okta's 'Building Digital Trust' campaign. It's modular narrative structure allowed it to be used as a longer length brand piece or cut down to focus more on driving downloads of the core report. 

'Flowbotics' was a campaign idea for Okta APAC. To demonstrate how Okta's security technology can make customer experience an enjoyable flowing experience, we brought to life a series of fearsome robotic security guards, busting some flowing moves to capture attention and land Okta's key Customer Identity messages in social feeds.

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