AMD is the second-largest B2B supplier and major rival to Intel in the market for x86-based microprocessors. AMD and its competitor Nvidia have also maintained a duopoly in the discrete graphics processing unit(GPU) market. AMD's brand awareness is dwarfed by Intel thanks largely to Intel's world-famous Intel-inside four note sonic mnemonic. AMD needed to raise brand awareness, whilst positioning themselve as the credible, smarter choice to the default of Intel. LogicLogicMagic® created the positioning 'Everybody Wins' and the brand character 'Chequered Flag', reflecting the fact that AMD are a performance-based people's champion, fighting off Intel's unhealthy monopoly.

By standing for 'Competition' where 'Everybody Wins' we add a layer of emotional brand messaging onto AMD's product campaigns to drive consideration by increasing brand familiarity in a distinctive, human and engaging way through the Chequered Flag character.

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