Dynatrace are an AI powered application monitoring software company. Their platform is three years ahead of the competitors, yet few people knew who they were because all profits have been invested back into R&D rather than any marketing. LogicLogicMagic® turned this negative of low brand awareness into a positive through the line 'the unheard-of doing the unheard-of'.

To achieve memorability and cut-through on a relatively low media spend we designed the Dynatracer helmet as a brand metaphor for the vision and protection which Dynatrace gives organisations. The helmet was be a consistent motif from advertising through to VR demonstrations of the actual product interface at trade shows. The aim was to set Dynatrace apart, almost as if it was technology from another time or planet. 

We brought the idea of the Dynatracer to life in branded hoodies, turning the brand into a badge of honour for employees. Their qualifications in the Dyntrace platform were worn as a rank on the arm. The character of the Dynatracer was then carried through into digital platforms using vector style imagery.

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