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Mogic's guide to
Making technology marketing more memorable

LogicLogicMagic Readership

Thanks! The guide will be with you in the next 24 hours. Remember to check your Junk Folder if you have strong email filters in place.

    Eighteen chapters of strategic and creative approaches, backed up by effectiveness data. Designed to inspire more distinctive, effective campaigns and help your technology marketing become more memorable. Packed with diverse campaign examples from both LogicLogicMagic®'s stable and beyond. Proof that our strategic rhetoric is matched by our award-winning creative output. 

    As a transparent business-to-business brand ourselves we are naturally looking to find like-minded technology organisations to partner with. So, it's no surprise we'd like a few verified contact details in return for our guide. Simply fill in your details above and we will email you the guide to the address you provide within at least 24 hours, Amazon Prime style. There's a value exchange at the heart of all good marketing after all. Remember to check your spam folder in case the guide email goes astray.
    If however the guide doesn't prove useful or thought-provoking, let us know and we will refrain from contacting you further in the future. 

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