We are Okta's EMEA marketing communications agency. Our scope of work encompasses a close strategic and creative partnership focused primarily around Demand Generation and Sales Enablement. This partnership has yielded significant business outcomes to date alongside five nominations at the 2021 B2B Marketing Awards for our campaigns, including one for the Okta EMEA team as Marketing Team of the Year, and Isabelle Duarte, SVP/CMO as Marketer of the Year. Our partnership with Okta is the blueprint for how we work most successfully with clients.

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The Nightmare Customer was created as a brand adversary for Okta's Customer Identity offering. Through an interactive video at virtual events, she then guided Okta prospects to the most relevant content for them, ensuring the experience was both memorable and meaningful for all buyer personas regardless of where they were on the buyer journey or their specific job role. Below are three of the many sections created.