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Okta Virtuosos was created as a C Suite field marketing engagement programme. It pairs experts from Okta with well known personalities to discuss a central theme with Okta prospects over dinner or an activity relevant to the theme. 

FireShot Capture 130 - Okta Virtuosos with Bob Burke & Tom Kerridge - regionalevents.okta.

The first instalment, "Ingredients of Trust' saw Michelin-starred chef Tom Kerridge lead an interactive cooking demonstration with guests. While preparing the meal, Tom discussed how he maintains trust with his team and customers, through transparency and communication. Explaining why quality cooking costs a premium, because the provenance of the ingredients and care in raising animals is paramount.


Due to the pandemic lockdowns this virtuoso session was held virtually, with all ingredients shipped to the guests in Okta-branded event-in-a-box packages.


The second instalment, "The power of diverse thinking and the security it delivers' hosted at Claridges, featured award-winning journalist and Olympic table tennis player Matthew Syed.  Drawing on anecdotes from his book 'Rebel ideas', Matthew led the discussions around the idea that cognitive diversity among those in charge of protecting an organisation, reduces the probability of security blindspots.

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