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LogicLogicMagic. The spontaneous storytelling game.

Some ideas transcend mediums. Before LogicLogicMagic was an agency, for two decades it was simply my personal creative philosophy. A belief that combining literal and lateral elements made the most memorable things. Literal + Lateral = Memorable, for the mathematicians among you. Two parts Logic combining to make a little Magic.

I've found this simple creative philosophy can be successfully applied to almost anything: images, films, structures, clothing, stories or even games. Or even games about stories.

So here it is. LogicLogicMagic - The spontaneous storytelling game. Sixty seconds to tell the most memorable story, utilising the words or phrases on three unseen cards. Two Logic, one Magic naturally. The cards are turned over in the order of your choice. But only one card at a time - and you can only turn over the next card, once the phrase on the current card has been incorporated into your narrative. After each player (3-33 players) has told their story, the other players vote for the most memorable tale. Voting should focus on how well the narrative focused around the three phrases on the cards. Introducing other random elements, although it might be funny, is frowned upon and should not sway the jury. Fail to combine all three phrases on the cards into a story in sixty seconds, and you can't win the round. LogicLogicTragic.

Reckon you've got the gift of the gab and express train of thought to create plot twists with the turn of each card?

In the Relay version of the game, each story must start where the previous player's tale ended and come full circle, to where the first player started. In the LogicLogicLogic version, a player can choose to try and compete using only three more mundane Logic cards. But again the focus of the story must be on the content on the cards. No introducing Taylor Swift riding a talking dolphin to try and steal the round! The First Edition of our game will be winging its way to our client partners in time for Christmas. The perfect opportunity to find out who among your friends and family are the best storytellers. We hope you have as much fun playing as we have had creating. Further editions will follow in 2024, but enjoy the winter break, whatever is on the cards!

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