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Analysing data has been at the heart of SAS software since the beginning. They’ve been using AI for years to accelerate human understanding and deliver rapid insights. SAS needed a distinctive global brand message that expressed their relationship with AI in a simple and universal way; to cut through a crowded and overhyped AI market. LogciLogicMagic® led to Believe in Humans (to the power of AI), which captured SAS'S core belief that AI augments human capabilities exponentially. Treating AI as a mathematical exponent visually helped cement the belief that SAS believe in a human-first world, but one that's exponentially enhanced by AI.

Screen Shot 2019-06-18 at 21.12.18.png

SAS Computer Vision AI has the ability to detect subtle emotional changes in the human face. To show off it's capabilities LogicLogicMagic® created a piece of film designed to evoke an ever-changing series of different human emotions. With webcam activated Computer Vision could capture how different audiences in age, sex and region responded emotionally to the same film. This data could then form the basis of follow up communications, revealing insights  into the audience that viewed the film that appeared to be of interest or statistically significant. 

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