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Sysdig's solutions secure cloud and containers from source to run in the DevOps loop. The Cloud Guardians idea was created to bring together Sysdig's monitoring and security solutions under one campaign. Sysdig's branding lacked distinctive assets beyond the shovel logomark and a static mascot known as 'The Kraken'. Our approach was to bring the Kraken to life as a metaphor for Sysdig's detection, reach and intelligence, using the Sysdig shovel as a tool to dig deeper into containers – finding and fixing problems fast. 

In Demand Generation executions the Kraken shows its intelligence by reading the campaign eBooks. The presence of the distinctive Kraken across multiple sub-campaigns helps to drive Sysdig brand awareness without the need for an additional brand campaign,

Sysdig_Demand_Gen_Ad_1_160x600 – 2 copy.png
J121851_Sysdig_Awareness_LI_Ad_628x1200_3 copy.png
J121787_Sysdig_Dem_Gen_LI_Ad_628x1200_4 copy.png
J121851_d6_Sysdig_Cloud_Guardians_Listicle copy.png
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