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3 tips for building a memorable B2B brand that people love

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Picture this: you’re at a crowded cattle auction surrounded by hundreds of farmers all shouting “Buy my cow, it’s the best!” You cast your discerning gaze across the herds of livestock in search of something different, but all you see are rows upon rows of the same indistinguishable faces.

This image paints a picture of the challenges many B2B technology companies face today. In a marketplace that’s saturated with near-identical products, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for brands to stand out and be easily identifiable. But here’s a question: what would happen if one of those cows started to sing?

Once you’d gotten past the shock, you’d quickly realise that cow now has all your attention. You’d smile at the lyrics and maybe hum along in tune. You’d want to know everything about the farmer’s journey and how they managed to achieve such a thing. This cow might challenge your perception of how cows should behave. But most importantly, you’d never be able to look at another cow without thinking of this one.

In marketing, we call this brand familiarity. And while largely underutilised in the B2B technology space, this post explores how you can use it to win your customers hearts and minds, then drive consideration and growth, in both the long-term and the short.

1. Focus on personality, not products

In a world where products and services can often feel like interchangeable commodities, brand personality adds a much-needed touch of human connection and emotion. It infuses your business with a distinct identity, a unique voice, and a set of values that resonate with your target audience far more than product features alone.

As with any relationship, customers are naturally drawn to big personalities and the positive emotions they create are what drive brand salience. By occupying this place in your customers’ memory structures, your brand becomes familiar and top-of-mind when it comes to forming buying decisions further down the line.

2. Don’t be afraid to tell stories

Storytelling is a powerful tool that weaves together emotions, experiences, and aspirations to connect with your audience on a human level. While many B2B technology marketers prefer to focus on features and benefits when selling their products, storytelling invites the customer on a journey – often one where they see themselves as the protagonist.

By crafting these emotionally driven narratives, brands can forge much deeper and lasting connections with their audience. When customers engage with these stories, they not only remember and trust the brand but also tend to develop loyalty, leading them to recommend it to others in the future.

3. Harness the power of fluent devices

When it comes to enhancing brand recognition, few approaches are more effective than fluent devices. These slogans, characters, jingles, and other distinctive assets are what separate your brand from the competition. They also reinforce your identity and help customers remember the experience they had whenever they visited your website or scrolled past your ad.

Considering that 95% of B2B buyers are “out-market” today, but will be “in-market” sometime in the future, it makes sense to utilise assets that leave a long-lasting impact on your audience. This repetition and familiarity facilitate memory retrieval, enabling customers to recall your brand at the right moment, whether its during a purchasing decision or recommending your brand to others.

Want help making your B2B technology brand more memorable?

At LogicLogicMagic, we combine over twenty years of experience in the B2C and B2B technology sectors to create the memorable marketing messages that move audiences to buy. Our team of seasoned creatives work with your marketing team to create powerful, emotionally led campaigns that engage your audience and ensure your brand stands out from the crowd.

If you're interested in learning more about the LogicLogicMagic approach and how we can help your organisation establish stronger connections with your target audience, you can download our quick guide: "11 ways to making technology marketing memorable", or the more comprehensive: "Mogic's guide to making marketing more memorable"

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