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From villain to saviour - how clean technology is fighting climate change

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

With Halloween just around the corner, what better time than now to hit you with some big old scary facts. For example, did you know that more than 7000 people die annually due to doctors’ bad handwriting? How about the fact that your family pet loves that fluffy toy you bought them so much, not because of its cuteness, but because its squeaks subconsciously echo the agonising screams of dying prey…?

Grim. But perhaps the grimmest fact of all is that, as of today, there’s more carbon dioxide in our atmosphere than at any other time in human history. And as much as we all enjoy the action-packed thrills of a good ol’ disaster movie (Kevin Costner in the magnificently awful 90s flop, Waterworld, being a personal favourite of yours truly), living through a real-life climate-fuelled apocalypse is nobody’s idea of fun. So, what’s the solution?

As of now, there are many irons in the fire when it comes to solving the climate crisis. Some people take action by carefully recycling their garbage. Others lay down on busy roads and absorb the furious wrath of commuters trying to get to work on time. According to a UN report, however, clean energy technology may very well be humankind’s best chance at slowing down global warming and saving one-third of all plant and animal species on earth from extinction by 2070.

But which technological innovations are manning the frontlines in the war on climate change today, and why should we take notice? Let’s look below to find out.

All hail the sun god

Throughout the ancient civilisations of Latin America, Greece, and Rome, right through to the modern-day, San Miguel-soaked beaches of Benidorm, sun worship has always been a prominent part of human society. It gives us light, keeps us warm, and now, with the help of technology, will potentially save us all from complete annihilation.

While the idea of harnessing energy from the sun is far from new, significant advancements over the years with technologies like Tesla’s Megapacks are pushing the boundaries of what solar power is capable of. In fact, according to a recent blog from Bulb, one of the UK’s leading green energy providers, solar power is the world’s fastest-growing energy technology that accounted for 4% of the UK’s electricity in 2019.

Meanwhile, the global solar energy market, valued at $52.5 billion in 2018, is projected to reach $223.3 billion by 2026, proving our reliance on innovative solar energy providers like Bboxx and Octopus Energy will grow stronger as time goes on.

It ain’t heavy…its hydrogen

Any time you put the words hydrogen and power together in a sentence, it’s difficult not to think of a bomb powerful enough to flatten entire cities in a flash…but there’s actually a much nicer side to it.

In fact, as a highly versatile, 100% sustainable energy source that can be easily transformed into electricity or synthetic gases for domestic, commercial, industrial, or mobility purposes, hydrogen energy is one of the cleanest alternative fuels we have at our disposal.

Hydrogen energy technology providers like H2GO Power, for example, leverage AI-powered storage solutions to provide safe, reliable power for a wide range of business and commercial use cases, saving more than 100 Megatons of CO2 emissions every year.

The answer is blowin’ in the wind

The true meaning of Bob Dylan’s classic anthem has been the subject of much debate over the last 50 years; little did we know he was actually talking about climate change. And with the global wind energy market size, valued at $62.1 billion in 2019, expected to reach $127.2 billion by 2027, it would be difficult to disagree with him.

From Windmills in The Netherlands to Pirate Ships in the Caribbean, the power of wind has a long-standing history in propelling humankind forward through the ages, and today it's more important than ever before.

Solutions like Kitepower, for instance, can generate electricity 24 hours a day 7 days a week using an agile, rapidly deployable kite system that delivers electricity +75% of the available time, offering much higher efficiency than solar PV and conventional wind turbines.

Is technology our environmental saviour?

While many scientists claim that the industrial revolution and its large-scale use of fossil fuels played a major role in accelerating climate change over the last 150 years, it’s safe to say that technology today has taken a somewhat poetic turn. Instead of further damaging our environment for economic gain, innovative clean technology is helping heal and restore it back to its former glory.

At LogicLogicMagic, we understand the value of technology as a tool for positive environmental change and excel at helping organisations send their message out into the world. If you need expertise and assistance in landing your messaging with the right audiences, then moving them from consideration to purchase, we’d love to have a conversation with you. Speak to If you're interested in learning more about the LogicLogicMagic approach and how we can help your organisation establish stronger connections with your target audience, you can download our quick guide: "11 ways to making technology marketing memorable", or the more comprehensive: "Mogic's guide to making marketing more memorable"

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