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Is cloud HR the key to better employee experiences in the digital era?

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

“Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore!” Over the last 18 months, it’s fair to say we’ve all experienced Dorothy-like doubts and uncertainties as the reality of the world around us twisted into something strange and unfamiliar.

Business and HR changed in a colossal way, and while the arrival of vaccines at scale suggests the world may finally be ready to return to work, one thing we can be certain of is that nothing will ever be the same again.

Today, new workforce demands have pushed organisations to revaluate what drives success in the digital era, with reports claiming 92% of HR leaders now set employee experience as their top priority in 2021.

Unlike before, employee happiness is now considered crucial to the bottom line, and cloud HR platforms (aka Human Capital Management or HCM platforms) like Workday and BambooHR provide perfect solutions for helping businesses build better employee experiences in the hybrid workplace – but how?

Let’s look below at some key examples.

More agility for HR leaders

According to a Gartner study, 55% of employees claim that having the ability to work flexibly will strongly impact their decision to stay with a company in the future.

As a result, blended or hybrid workplaces that allow employees to choose when, where, and how they work will soon become the new normal, and organisations must find a solution that helps support this transition from the old world into the new.

Managing dispersed workforces successfully, however, is not without its challenges, and the pressure on HR departments and IT to keep blended teams working together securely and productively from multiple locations grows stronger each day.

While traditional HR systems lack the flexibility needed to satisfy the evolving demands of the modern workforce, agile cloud HR solutions are fast becoming the tools of choice for HR leaders in the digital age.

Unlike some legacy solutions, cloud HR is easily accessible online across all devices and delivers powerful analytics and automation to help HR teams easily track, monitor, and care for their hybrid workforce, wherever they may be.

More personalised experiences

Along with greater flexibility, maintaining the health, well-being, and psychological safety of employees in a post-pandemic world is now a huge priority for HR leaders.

In fact, according to a recent study by Deloitte, 80% of organisations claim worker well-being is important or very important for their success over the next 12-18 months, but only 12% claimed they were ready to address this issue.

As the demand for more personalised and empathetic employee experiences continues to grow, the need for more agile solutions that enable HR teams to meet those demands grows with it.

By leveraging the power of machine learning, real-time analytics, and automation, cloud HR platforms can help organisations deliver tailored employee experiences that maximise productivity and maintain workforce satisfaction.

With these tools, HR leaders are also able to easily and track the development of each employee and create bespoke skills training courses, performance reviews, and mentorship programs to help them reach the best of their potential.

Better diversity & inclusion

With political tensions around equality for race, gender, the elderly, and other minorities growing steadily by the day, establishing diversity and inclusion in the workplace is more important than ever before.

In fact, that same Deloitte study also found that 79% of organisations believe fostering a sense of belonging in the workplace is important or very important for their success over the next 12 to 18 months, but only 13% say they are ready to address this issue.

Add to this the McKinsey report that claims racially and ethnically diverse companies are 35% more likely to perform better in the future, and it’s easy to understand why D&I is a top priority for 2021.

By creating powerful insights that automatically identify gaps and opportunities to improve diversity and inclusion, cloud HR platforms are helping organisations drive positive change in the modern workplace.

With features like skills-based insights, HR leaders can now onboard essential talent without bias, ensuring diversity is represented throughout all areas of the business.

Meanwhile, the distribution of regular employee surveys helps nurture a sense of belonging and inclusion within the company, where every opinion has value, and every concern is addressed with equal measure

The future of HR in the cloud

If the key to future success in business revolves around delivering better experiences for employees, then we can expect to see significant growth in cloud HR adoption over the years to come.

As digital transformation continues to spread and the hybrid workplace becomes the new standard, the need for more flexible and agile HR platforms that allow organisations to keep up with the evolving demands of the modern workforce is crucial.

As well as simplifying the management process and improving employee satisfaction, the merging of cloud HR with machine learning has the potential to streamline diversity and initiate changes in the workplace that were long overdue.

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