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Join the Giants of B2B Marketing

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Award schemes are a competitive business with multiple schemes competing for a finite and increasingly pressured amount of agency and client budgets. B2B Marketing wanted a more competitive creative approach for their 2020 awards programme; to elevate their campaign above a traditional design wrapper, into something with a genuine strategic idea at the heart. A distinctive but flexible approach that would show multiple aspects of the B2B industry in a positive light, last throughout the seven month campaign and create a sense of prestige for all those involved: entrants, judges and sponsors. Challenge accepted.

Strategically the LogicLogicMagic® approach was to elevate the perception of the B2B Marketing Awards. Lifting them to the top of the consideration list, positioning them as the Oscars of B2B Marketing. With a panel of 150 CMO level judges and entries from every pedigree B2B agency, including start ups and long-established players, there was strong rational backing for this positioning.

'Join the Giants of B2B Marketing' is a very literal thought, but by setting it in a distinctively lateral visual world, we aimed to create cut through and memorability among the target audiences. We picked out nine characteristics of award-winning B2B marketing: Insight, Strategy, Data, Targeting, Technology, Performance, Bravery, Creativity and Originality. Then anthropomorphised them into a visually diverse set of giant human characters, inhabiting a cloud world, reminiscent of the Greek gods of Olympus. We wanted people to be visually at the heart of the campaign, reflecting the progressive H2H ethos within B2B.

The vision was to deliver a concept that could be marketed like the launch of a new blockbuster film - with a collective Avengers style group, that then could be broken down into individual characters to speak to different aspects and categories within the awards. Data, Targeting and Creativity would speak to different audiences potentially, increasing the likelihood of entries from different disciplines within the B2B world. The awards culminate in an event, so it was also important that the theme could cross seamlessly from campaign communications to experiential execution on the night.

Over forty royalty-free stock images were combined creatively to bring to life the Giants, in a way that also reflects the human diversity of the industry. The imagery was then carefully coloured to reflect the B2B Marketing brand palette, ensuring that there was quick visual brand attribution - a weakness in some previous campaigns where the executions failed this fundamental branding test. As the leading industry body it's important that B2B Marketing follows best practice in creating the most potentially effective work.

We also felt it was important to use the same stock imagery libraries that most B2B marketing campaigns have to exploit. All the campaign imagery and motion assets were created in Adobe Photoshop. Again to prove what can be created without throwing money at the problem. You don't always have to spend to look expensive if you have creative vision. James Farmer, co-founder of B2B Marketing agrees: “We’d lost our way perhaps, over recent years, with our awards brand, but LogicLogicMagic® captured how strongly we feel about the B2B Marketing Awards with this bold, imaginative campaign. They proved you can create magic on a budget, whilst staying very close to our brand and core proposition. New blood and energy is great for our sector, particularly at this time, and I can see LogicLogicMagic® quickly progressing to become one of the pacesetters within the B2B marketing industry.”

If you're interested in learning more about the LogicLogicMagic approach and how we can help your organisation establish stronger connections with your target audience, you can download our quick guide: "11 ways to making technology marketing memorable", or the more comprehensive: "Mogic's guide to making marketing more memorable"

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