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Lessons from turning eighteen

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

LogicLogicMagic has just turned eighteen. Eighteen months old that is. While most casual observers would have expected us to still be precariously toddling along, we've grown steadily into a mature clan of eleven permanent Mogicians. To anyone thinking about starting their own creative venture, here are five core principles that have guided us to where we are today. Maybe they can help you too. Ideology LogicLogicMagic is more than our name. It's our ideology. Progress is much faster when you're sure who you are and what you stand for. Decisions become more clearcut, because you have a consistent measure for right and wrong, and us v not us. The marketing world is oversupplied with agencies, but undersupplied with ones that are clear about who they are, and more importantly who they are not. I've watched as agencies have annually repositioned themselves to try and capture the fashion, rather than focus on the fundamentals. Consistency is vastly underrated. Your name can say a lot about how you see the world, so why miss that opportunity? Expertise Expertise has become unfashionable. So it's no surprise to us that Marketing, and many other fields, have become less effective as a result. But we love genuine expertise. I mean who wouldn't want to hear fact over opinion? In a world where rhetoric often bares little resemblance to reality, expertise is our North Star. Expertise isn't acquired overnight so you'll find that the average industry experience in our creative team is twenty years. When the majority of the creative industry is queueing up to worship at the fountain of youth, we're happily quenching our thirst at the fountain of knowledge. Balance Balance is the key to moving fast. Balance male and female. Balance youth and experience. Balance introvert and extrovert. Balance creative and account management. Balance industry and fun. Balance brand and activation. If you're not moving at the pace you want, have a look if your team is lop-sided. Then rebalance it. Trust Trust is the cornerstone of success. Trust creates psychological safety. Trust improves communication. Trust increases productivity. Trust reduces stress. Trust is forged through adversity, so consider what your potential venture partners have been through together. When times got difficult, could you trust them to do the right things, not just say the right things? If the answer's is yes then you have a fighting chance of succeeding. Starting and growing an agency during a global pandemic takes trust, but equally creates it too. Fun We have one life. Surround yourself with people who will make your business venture enjoyable. Be able to laugh at yourself. Know when to lighten the mood. Understand the transformative power of laughter. But never try and organise fun. Above all try and ensure that a part of you, however well hidden, never really grows up. Because that's where the real magic always starts. If you're interested in learning more about the LogicLogicMagic approach and how we can help your organisation establish stronger connections with your target audience, you can download our quick guide: "11 ways to making technology marketing memorable", or the more comprehensive: "Mogic's guide to making marketing more memorable"

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